Bloons Pop 3 Game

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Bloons Pop 3 HTML5

Bloons Pop 3

Bloons Pop 3

Bloons Pop 3 is the third part of Bloons Pop. Join game Bloons Pop 3 you can freely pop from three or more balloons if they are near each other. With eye-catching graphics, simple gameplay and vivid sound, Bloons Pop 3 is suitable for office people who want to relieve stress after stressful working hours.
Your task in the game Bloons Pop 3 is to arrange at least 3 balloons of the same color together by swapping their positions to score points, turning on all the bloons as quickly as possible by connecting. Put them all together in the same color and create impressive continuous bursts. Move the Bloons around to create a match of three. Move balloons between them until you create the right color combination and make them explode. Plan your moves carefully to create great combos. The more balls you connect, the higher the score you will receive and remember that the time for each level is limited. You need to quickly complete the minimum required score of the game screen to get high scores qualified through new levels and conquer new things.
To complete the obstacles in this free intellectual game, use your mouse to create chains of balls of the same color lying next to each other, so that you will explode all these balls. Do not ignore the special balls because they will bring a lot of surprises for you.
In the game Bloons Pop 3, you get all the excitement with bubbles with new maps, new monkey towers, new special monkeys and more for a great pop time. Pop as many sets as possible if you want to beat the game.

How to play Bloons Pop 3

Line up 3 balls of the same color to pop them. Pop balloons with objects inside for further help. Chain reaction gives you extra points.