Bloons Tower Defense 2 Game

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Bloons Tower Defense 2 HTML5

Bloons Tower Defense 2

Bloons Tower Defense 2

Bloons Tower Defense 2 is the sequel to the Bloons Tower Defense defense game.

Bloons Tower Defense 2 will let you use many different types of traps. You can place bombs, spikes and train monkeys. Your task in the game Bloons Tower Defense 2 is to stop all the balloons from reaching the destination.

In the game Bloons Tower Defense 2 there are 3 new maps from easy, medium and hard levels, a new type of tower, some new upgrades, which are boomerang towers and completely new on trackable items, glue. Monkey stickers and sugar spikes. A sequel will not be complete without more bloons, to challenge you to have 2 new types of bloon: lead and rainbow bloons. The game has all 50 levels!

After each battle, you will earn a sum of money, use it to buy new weapons, upgrade weapons to increase attack power and defense. The higher the level of movement speed, the number, the power of the balloon increases, so if the weapon is too weak you will not be able to stop the wave of balloons rushing in.

The number of towers of Bloons Tower Defense 2 is very rich in both function and strength, you can put thorns on the way to break balloons, use multiple gun turrets to knock down multiple balloons at once. use the speed gun to be able to shoot continuously at the lines of balloons are pulled on.

A small tip when playing Bloons Tower Defense 3, you must preview the information about the characteristics of the balloons that will appear in the battle, select the defense towers that can block the strength of balloons. Next, you should arrange the tower near the bends, because the balloons will move slower and be stacked, very easy to destroy in series.

How to play Bloons Tower Defense 2

Use your mouse to create defenses and upgrade them Bloons