Blosics 3 Game

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Blosics 3 HTML5

Blosics 3

Blosics 3

Blosics 3 is the third version of Blosics, this is a physics-based puzzle game where you earn points by shooting balls at blocks to remove as many blocks as possible. You can share high scores through the Game Center social network, but participation is optional.
Your task in the Blosics 3 game is to Shoot iron balls to Destroy or remove all green blocks from the screen avoiding the red blocks on the screen in each level. If you hit the red bricks, you will lose points. Try to remove enough green blocks from the screen to reach the target point in the upper right corner of the screen to complete each level .. Try to get 3 stars on each level. In each level of play difficulty will increase gradually requires you to focus and calculate very accurately. Please calculate very accurately to save turns shooting, aiming and shooting animals to drop the blocks.
Use the mouse to select the ball size, then launch it from the circular area with the mouse. Each ball you shoot costs points, so try to use the smallest ball possible! In this game, yellow and red blocks are worth EXTRA points. But you will want to avoid collapsing new cage blocks. With funny pictures and blocks in the game, you will feel really funny.

Feature of Blosics 3

- Shooting cubes game
– Very huge gunpowder warehouse
– 13 diverse types of balls
– There are 4 different stages
– 120 diverse levels
– 4 themes
– Beautiful graphic background

How to play Blosics 3 game

Use the mouse to place and launch a ball.
Use spacebar to cancel ball