Bloxcalibur Game

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Bloxcalibur HTML5



Bloxcalibur is an extremely interesting online game that is loved by many people. This is a simple game combined with interesting music and challenging gameplay that will make you spend a lot of time on it. Designed to be a minimalist, hard to play yet addictive platformer experience.
Your task in the Bloxcalibur game is to control a simple white pixel. You must move this pixel through a series of obstacles and platforms to reach the shimmering yellow blocks. The first level will be simpler, the harder the level will increase. Some levels require a series of simple jumps from platform to platform. The hero will have to jump on the platform, moving on to the next level of shimmering pixel gates of yellow. Use double jump to get to the high platforms. You need to stay away from the orange blocks, they will take your life. Moreover, you may encounter green blocks, when touching open a variety of different platforms in the level. Other levels relate to moving objects that you must avoid. Moreover, you can encounter green blocks to the touch, opening up a variety of different platforms at the level. You can move your pixels with the arrow keys and jump with the up key – you can also make a double jump to reach higher platforms or jump over obstacles. You can even use a sword at the following levels to destroy blocks. I wish you can pass the level of the game.

How to play game Bloxcalibur

Press the arrow keys to move and jump. When you find your sword, press the Spacebar to swing it. Run, jump and slash your way to the portal in each level. Use double jump to get to the high platforms.