Blym Game

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Blym HTML5



Blym is an extremely fun game or unusual mix of a platform and action-puzzle game for gamers of all ages.
Blym’s journey tells the journey to find new lands of cute Blym monsters. Thrown into a strange world with nothing to protect him but the ability to turn into blocks, Blym struggles to own four new worlds amid threats of enemies. On the way Blym will encounter countless difficulties and challenges, so please join the game Blym’s Trip to give him a hand.
Your task in the game Blym is to accompany Blym to overcome challenges easily, be careful with teeth and wormholes because they can injure Blym. Transform into your surroundings to the transporter house, but watch out for enemies who want to suck your slime. Go through blocks and move individual blocks as you try to access teleportation in each stage. Carefully calculate the directions accordingly, proceed to the gate of time and move on to the next level. You can only enter and exit a block through its vertex. Watch out for monsters and thorns; Monsters can’t hurt you when you’re in block form, but spikes are always lethal.
How to play the game Blym
Use the arrow keys to help Blym start moving. Pay attention to the traps that are waiting for you.

Features of the game Blym

Blym wears a cute cap designed to turn into blocks
4 big worlds with many different interesting levels
Fun and easy to play