Bob The Robber 2 Game

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Bob The Robber 2 HTML5

Bob The Robber 2

Bob The Robber 2

Bob The Robber 2 is a very entertaining and interesting game, with the main character being the guy Bob, the crafty thief with the idea of ​​taking from the rich to the poor. To play this Bob The Robber 2 game, the player’s task is to control Bob skillfully, break into the house of gangsters, steal money and valuables, avoid security cameras. security, guards or watch dogs, cleverly unlocking the door and completing the challenge safely. You must be invisible in each level to complete the goal and successfully escape. Buy new gadgets to make your task easier.
Designed in the direction of hilarious riddles with vivid and unique images, Bob The Robber 2 will bring players moments of fun and fun. Compared to other good games of the same genre such as rescuing the princess … Bob The Robber 2 brings a whole new style when putting players in each unique situation to make thrilling and fascinating theft.
Rated as one of the unique role-playing games, Bob The Robber 2 is showing its appeal when the number of players is growing very fast. Play Bob The Robber 2 and take part in interesting trams, but it is also very dangerous because if detected Bob will be able to be arrested by the police. Get ready to participate in each exciting and unique burglary with Bob The Robber 2 game, delicate and skillful overcome all obstacles to complete each mission is impressive.

How to play Bob The Robber 2

- AD or left, right to move
– Up or down arrows to interact
– Space bar to knock down a guard