Bob the Robber 3 Game

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Bob the Robber 3 HTML5

Bob the Robber 3

Bob the Robber 3

Bob the Robber 3 is a very interesting stealth action adventure game. In it you hired three mysterious women to perform a number of secret missions, high risk in dozens of dangerous locations.
This organization is guarded extremely closely and carefully by high-tech equipment such as cameras, anti-theft bells … and the strong guards. Here, you will help Bob to break in, sweeping all rooms in the building to steal what is needed and safely escape. Bob will have a lot of difficulties in his journey.
You need to help Bob hide in the dark to avoid the camera, cut the power cord to disable the anti-theft bell or sneak guard, search for the key or password to open the door. Finding a way to go to other rooms is not easy, requiring you to think carefully and use your ability to handle situations.
To make it easier for you to complete the task, Bob the Robber 3 offers you some useful items that you can buy with the gold you’ve collected in the store. For example, the camera grabs right away to disable the camera, laser gun to knock out guards, kits to unlock every lock and more. Are you ready to become a super thief yet?
With great graphics and playful sounds of Bob The Robber 3, players will experience new levels, new enemies with exciting missions. Can you sneak in all quests and succeed when others have failed?

How to play Bob the Robber 3

- AD or left and right arrows to move
– Arrow W or up to interact