Bob the Robber 4 Game

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Bob the Robber 4 HTML5

Bob the Robber 4

Bob the Robber 4

Bob the Robber 4 is back and better than ever. With his ingenuity, intelligence and bravery, Bob has successfully carried out many notorious missions, showing his class and style in the world of robbery. This time, Bob landed in France dreaming country and started a new adventure.

In the beautiful city of Paris, Bob’s theft and possession are once again tested with a greater challenge. In Bob the Robber 4, you will have to help Bob break into buildings in the city, avoiding all security cameras and guards to safely get all the value hidden in rooms on every floor of the building.

You must hurry to hide in the dark to avoid security cameras and hit the guards from behind to be comfortable traveling. Of course, the guards will wake up very quickly, so you need to accelerate.

Choose the key to open the door and don’t forget to check every item for money and confidential documents. Afterwards, hurry to the emergency exit to complete your mission. To help you easily reach your goal, Bob the Robber 4 offers many in-store equipment that you can buy with the gold earned. Choose items and costumes that are useful for your theft.

Each mission has a different challenge, first try to look around you carefully before moving. Can you help Bob conquer the challenge in France? Play Bob the Robber 4 and find the answer yourself.

How to play Bob the Robber 4

- Left and right arrows to move

- Up arrow to take action