Bob the Robber 5 Game

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Bob the Robber 5 HTML5

Bob the Robber 5

Bob the Robber 5

Bob the Robber 5: Temple Adventure is a new adventure for Bob the Robber in a temple reminiscent of the Temple of Doom of Indiana Jones. This temple is full of gold coins but you will have to make an effort to find them. Bob the Robber 5 may be the hardest version of all the missions he has ever undertaken.
Help wise thief Bob avoid being captured by mummies and guards. It seems that this ancient civilization certainly had high-tech security equipment, make sure that the ancient magical statues and security cameras didn’t detect you. Plan the best stealth method to get the treasure and escape without realizing that you are there. Your chosen strategy will determine whether bob is caught or not so be extremely careful.
Collect gadgets like better lock selector and shoes to help you open doors and cross deadly boulders. You can defeat most mummies, witches and guards. However, you will not win the match with lasers and cameras. Hiding in the dark is the best way to avoid their sight.
Hidden coins are rare items in Bob the Robber 5 and they are hidden in special locations. Please check all wooden crates, chests, cabinets… or anything you suspect to collect hidden money. Your ultimate goal is to safely reach the destination and open the door to go to the next floor in the old temple. So you can ignore some hidden coins if they are in too dangerous position. There are hidden coins at each level and at the top left of the game screen is the hidden amount you have collected.
Bob the Robber 5 offers 10 different challenging levels for you to try to complete. You can pass all the interesting levels of this platform puzzle game.

How to play Bob the Robber 5

- Left and right arrows to move
– Up arrow to interact