Bob the Robber Game

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Bob the Robber HTML5

Bob the Robber

Bob the Robber

Bob the Robber always wanted to be a superhero. He chose to become a good bandit, a modern Robin Hood. Help bandit Bob steal from the rich and avoid corrupt guardians around the big city. Access the exit without being detected at each level. Buy new gadgets to improve Bob’s various skills.
Now is the time to prove your skills in the fight against crime and corruption. Explore levels, choose keys, and search for money and information. Who will win, the mafia or the bad politician.
Your job in the Bob the Robber game is to go to the targeted area, the area with 4 arrows pointing at it, then escape to the starting position. This location will appear after reaching the targeted area. Complete the map as quickly as possible because there will be a timer to tell you how quickly you completed the level.
In Bob the Robber game, there are many obstacles that you have to overcome such as housekeeper, police, robot, camera system, locked door, door with keyboard, laser wall … Try to overcome. them and remember to get as much money as possible. The important thing to know is that money cannot be seen but is hidden somewhere inside boxes, cabinets …
There are pieces of paper scattered around the level maps that you have to get and read to get valuable information to help you overcome obstacles. When you are found, an alarm will turn off. Play Bob the Robber and help him get lots of money.

How to play of Bob the Robber

- Arrow keys to move
– W, up arrow to climb, read and use
– Space bar to action