Bomb It 1 Game

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Bomb It 1 HTML5

Bomb It 1

Bomb It 1

Bom IT 1 is the game to set IT bomb the first version of the famous series of game Bom IT, with classic style and very simple, fun gameplay, the game has many improvements in terms of sound, pictures. Photo makes it more attractive and attractive to players. Joining this game will bring you great experiences to relax after a tiring working day.
In the Bom IT 1 game, your main task is to place bombs, break walls to collect items, find a way to take out other opponents who are trying to harm you on the map and be a human. Survive, survive only until the last minute. The competition gets hotter when explosives get involved, but they are an essential tool in this game. Try to blow away the maze walls made from soda cans, cookies and popcorn bags to reach your enemies and eliminate them with a loud bang.
The game has many levels to play from easy to difficult and many different levels of play. Moreover, you can choose the character you desire.
To start, you can choose the mode to play bombs 1 person or 2 people. Select your favorite character and press the Space key. Place bombs and try to take out all other opponents on the map.
This online boom game can be played in 2-person mode so you can have relaxing and fun moments with family and friends.

How to control the game Bom IT 1 

On the computer:
1 player mode:
Use the arrow keys to move
Use the Space key to place bombs
2-player mode:
Player 1 uses WASD to move and space bar to drop bombs
Player 2 uses the arrow keys to move and enter to drop bombs
On the phone touch the virtual keys and rotate the screen to play.