Bomb It 3 Game

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Bomb It 3 HTML5

Bomb It 3

Bomb It 3

Bomb IT 3 is a good game in the classic bomb game series not to be missed. With simple gameplay and beautiful images this game is attracting the attention of many gamers.
Bomb IT 3 you will get excited and relaxed when participating in many game modes in the game. Belonging to the classic office game genre, the game has been played by a lot of players and can be said to be one of the best games of this series. The content still revolves around the war of mines between funny alien characters, you can choose the type of clothes, eyebrows, … to create a character like the best, must control a character di transfer and set bombs to take out the remaining 3 opponents. There are 3 other game modes besides placing familiar bombs, using weapons to shoot at opponents, collecting enough money before the remaining opponents and marking the territory that has passed to occupy for a period of time. regulations.
To play this Boom Online 3 game, the player simply moves skillfully on the map, places the boom to break bricks, collects various power-up items, and seeks to defeat them all. The other opponents by placing bombs and detonating boom near them. Use your skill and agility, delicate disposition to play the game. They are important factors for you to win.
Holding in the series of unique Bom IT games, this version has brought a freshness, to be able to bring a lot of fun to the players. Feel free to explore the uniqueness and fun of this free game.

How to play game Bomb It 3

With many game modes that allow you to freely choose or also invite your friends to compete with each other.
1 player mode: Use 4 arrow keys to move, press Space to place bombs
2-player mode:
+ Player 1: Use 4 letter keys in turn: A, D, W, S to move, press Space to place bombs
+ Player 2: Use 4 arrow keys to move, press Enter to place bombs