Bomb Runner Game

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Bomb Runner HTML5

Bomb Runner

Bomb Runner

Bomb Runner is a game that combines elements of pinball and golf placed in space. Games with many interesting things or interesting, promising to bring extremely interesting experiences for players. Bomb Runner is suitable for all ages, built with familiar characters and many interesting levels with different characteristics that will give players a great gaming experience.
Bombs are extremely dangerous combat weapons because it has tremendous destructive power, it can destroy an entire city. Your mission in the Bomb Runner game is to destroy the reactor by launching bombs from checkpoints in each level. Your bomb will explode if it touches anything red or doesn’t reach the checkpoint. Simple mouse controls, drag and drop bombs on fire. Score points by throwing bombs off the blue wall and collecting coins. Hit the reactor to complete a level. Get gold medals in each level to earn galaxy coins that you can spend on upgrades for your ship, fight epic bosses and save the galaxy.
The game has 24 levels. The game has attractive but no less funny pictures. As a new game but Bomb Runner has attracted a lot of players around the world. Let’s join in the joy of coming to this exciting game, and seek great relaxation from the game.

How to play Bomb Runner

Use your mouse to shoot the ball towards the target. Click and drag your mouse to aim and release to shoot. Sometimes you will just need to click to publish a photo. Collect as much money as possible. You will need them to unlock awesome upgrades for your ship.