Bounce Floor Game

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Bounce Floor HTML5

Bounce Floor

Bounce Floor

Bounce Floor is an extremely interesting detective game. Your task in the game is to keep everyone in the nightclub from stealing property and finding thieves to lock him into the dungeon.
In the nightclub there are many people and thieves mixed in among them to steal valuables from people. Because there are so many people, it’s hard to know who the thief is so you will try to find them.
You will go around the nightclub, search for clues and meet and talk to newly stolen people to find the culprit. If stolen, the victim will scream and you will follow the white arrow to find the victim, obtaining information about the victim about crime, such as information on skin color, hairstyle, head or accessories. If a customer has just been robbed, the thief may still be nearby, so you could catch him very quickly.
The thief will always run away from you so beware of suspicious movements, checking every corner to find the culprit.
Stealing too much will give people a panic and worry, which reduces the reputation of the nightclub so you need to quickly find the thief before they steal more than 5 items, you have failed. .
When you find the culprit, you will unlock and play at the next level, at which point the thief character is randomly generated at the start of the new game.
The game is a combination of very simple interface but easy to see and full of fun, fun sounds will bring players much excitement.
This game is completely free, it is suitable for all types of players, you can play anytime, anywhere anytime with Android, iOS devices, computers.

How to play Bounce Floor

Bounce Floor uses WASD key or arrow to move
Space bar to interact / kick out
Esc to pause