Bowman Game

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Bowman HTML5



Bowman is an interesting archery game for bow and arrow man. Arrow like an archer on bow target. Bowman can tie a bow to improve the range and archery.
It was a duel to death in this intense action game. Compete against the computer or other players while you carefully aim your bow. Use your skills and remember each shot may be your last, shoot with the highest precision, your life depends on it … You can eliminate them with arrows your before they hit you with them?
You will now be able to master the art of shooting with bows and arrows in Bowman. Just click, drag and release the mouse button to hit your enemies. Good luck!

How to play Bowman

- Use mouse to aim and shoot arrows to hit moving targets
– Press the back key to go back and exit
– Click play game to play
– Click instructions to view game instructions
– Press high scores to see high scores