Boxhead Game

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Boxhead HTML5



Boxhead is a great fighting game where you can use your shooting skills skillfully. In Boxhead, Boxville has been overrun by zombies! It’s up to you to lead the town’s civilians to safety while defending them from the zombie onslaught! Luckily, you’ll find several types of weapons along the way to help you keep the zombies at bay.
Carefully make your way through the town to find all of them civilians, and have them follow you to the evacuation point. Not only do you need to keep yourself from being killed by the hordes of zombies along the way, but you also need to keep the civilians safe as you make your way to the evac point. This isn’t’ an easy job since the civilians have a tendency to wander off or get scared and run away.
The game requires you to use your courage and gun to rescue all civilians because they are counting on you. Be skillful in moving as well as using your shooting skills to destroy all the enemies, bringing peace to everyone. This is a pretty interesting game to bring players comfortable after stressful and exhausting moments. Are you ready to come to the game to become the hero in this story?

How to play Boxhead

The game does not require the player to have the techniques as well as the super-advanced. You only need flexible control of the keys available to destroy them all in the shortest possible time.
– Use Arrow key left = move left.
– Use Arrow key down = moves down.
– Use Arrow key right = move right.
– Use Arrow key up = move up.
– Use SPACE = shoot/use.