Bubble Trouble 2 Game

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Bubble Trouble 2 HTML5

Bubble Trouble 2

Bubble Trouble 2

Bubble Trouble 2 is a fun and fun sequel to the previous one. Coming to the game, players have 2 modes to choose from: single-player mode and survival mode. In single-player mode, you must pop balloons before they hit you and every game level will get harder and harder. What makes levels difficult is that the bubbles get bigger and bigger and you have to keep popping each bubble until it completely disappears. The larger ones will be smaller and smaller until they are too small, one click and they are done. Now mix it with lots of big bubbles, and you’re in trouble. With survival mode a never-ending bubble frantically with increasing difficulty. Instead of trying to beat the level, you simply go to a high point Bubble Trouble. Enter your name for a high score ID and start playing.
You will stand just below the bubble and need to aim your target exactly to shoot. Bubbles will burst into two smaller bubbles, so be careful, touching them is deadly. This is not an easy game for players to overcome. At first, you will find the game quite easy because you can quickly remove the balls. But the deeper you go, the more difficult it will take the player to be skillful to overcome.
With images combined with colorful and vibrant sounds will surely appeal to players for hours. Are you ready to come to this fun game and break all previous records? The game will be more intense and more attractive when you play 2-player mode.

How to play Bubble Trouble 2

Player 1:
– Use the keys A, W, D, S to move the character.
– Use the Q key to shoot.
Player 2:
– Use the arrow keys to move
– Space key to shoot