Bubble Trouble Game

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Bubble Trouble HTML5

Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble is an interesting retro shooter for 1 or 2 players, in which you control a single character to destroy all bubbles bouncing with your harpoon gun. Control the little devil character from side to side to avoid bubbles. Shoot your harpoon to make the ball touch the rope and notice they will split into 2 smaller bubbles. Repeat the process until all bubbles are turned on to clear the stage. Collect falling items to gain advantage and earn bonus points by removing all bubbles before time runs out. Using different types of power ups will get you out of trouble.
The bubbles bounce around the level and become smaller when you shoot them, every time you shoot a bubble, it will split into smaller bubbles, you must take into account the bounce and try to shoot the bubble without Need them to land on you. You only have a certain time limit to complete each level and you must try to destroy all bubbles as quickly as possible. Beware of increasing the power when you destroy bubbles, such as an arrow that increases the height of a balloon.
This game attracts a wide audience, its true appreciation lies in those who like pounding moments and fast-paced events. You need to give yourself the strategies and good vision to overcome all challenges. Get ready to start the game right now to compete against the many other players you play.

How to play Bubble Trouble

Player control 1
– Left and right arrows to move
– Space bar to shoot
Player controls 2
– Use X and C keys to move
– Use W key to polish shoes