Building Rush 2 Game

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Building Rush 2 HTML5

Building Rush 2

Building Rush 2

Building Rush 2 is a game that makes you the boss of a construction company and build a thriving city from scratch. In the second version, another city is under construction and this is why you need to provide building materials for the developing town. In Building Rush 2, you can manage your own construction business. You are the boss of a large company that produces all the materials needed for construction sites across the region. In addition to being in charge of production, you will have to note that all materials are delivered to all construction sites on time. Build and upgrade your manufacturing plants and construction fleets to produce, transport and sell all of the building materials you have produced. Larger rewards are received when you deliver documents as quickly and efficiently as possible.
You have to make as much profit as possible within the time limit and use it to upgrade everything. Manage the production and delivery of all construction materials to all domestic construction sites when buildings are being created. Beware of competitors because they can also create factories and similar services to try and steal your business. The game is a bit complicated, so be sure to check the instructions as well as give yourself the right tactics to become a player who successfully completes all assigned challenges.

How to Building Rush 2

Mouse to navigate and select.
LMB click to send a truck
RMB click to send a helicopter
Press and hold number keys when queuing deliveries to send from specific plants.
Tutorial instructions are displayed as new features are unlocked. These can be accessed at any time by clicking the ‘?’ icon in-game.