Bullet Force Game

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Bullet Force HTML5

Bullet Force

Bullet Force

Bullet Force is a 3D shooter with very interesting first-person perspective. This game has a lot of players and it is always loved by people of all ages.
Choose from over 6 weapons and drive vehicles including MRAP and military tanks and engage in battles with many new players.
Many enemies in each battle, each of them equipped with dangerous weapons, can attack and kill you at any time. You need to observe very subtly to destroy them and avoid bullets from them.
There is a mini map to inform you of the enemy’s location, so that you know where the enemies are gathering and then you can easily find them or avoid them.
You can buy weapons and extensions like machine guns and deadly RPGs, but the awesome ability can only be used after you defeat the enemy.
You can play alone with the machine or invite friends to form a team to play, with your friends to experience a real battle to enhance your experience.
This game is suitable for all Android devices and as iOS apps.
High quality 3D graphics (customizable in the settings menu, depending on your graphics card), vivid sound along with over 10 terrain maps will give you an enjoyable experience.

How to play  Bullet Force

Bullet Force is played through the following controls:
WASD to move
Spacebar to jump
T to chat
Mouse to shoot
Switch to run
P to pause the game
To revive
G throwing grenades
E picked up the gun
F uses a knife
R to reload your weapon
C bowed
2 to change your weapon
Arrow keys for killstreak
Tab key for points
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