Bullet Party Game

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Bullet Party HTML5

Bullet Party

Bullet Party

Bullet Party is a multiplayer online first-person shooter game to play compelling team fights with other players like you. Enter the battlefield and start shooting at your enemies with different weapons, from a fighting knife to a powerful machine gun or devastating molotov cocktails. Try to destroy as many enemies as possible and lead your team to victory. So download your weapons and start having fun while playing this free online Bullet Party.
You are in a vast battlefield against real enemies. Choose a squad and keep your brigade up and stable. You can choose the fighting style, strategy and gun. When you feel ready to fight: pull the trigger and start the fight! In Bullet Party, you need a minimum of 50K compared to the number of kills to become the best killer under strong fire and air strikes of the enemy with a large attack. is there any problem? Call your brothers and summon them in the battlefield for the impossible mission to become the leader. Show off your fighting skills to prove yourself in the Bullet Party war. Beware of the speed of hidden assassins that will never knock out Let you be alert. If you’re dead, forget where you were attacked to take revenge. Good luck.

How to play Bullet Party

- WASD to move
– LMB to shoot
– RMB to aim
– R to reload
– Shift to run
– Space bar to jump
– 1234 to transfer weapons