Burrito Bison Game

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Burrito Bison HTML5

Burrito Bison

Burrito Bison

Burrito Bison is back for more gummy squashing action in this epic sequel! More special gummy bears, more wrestling in the ring, more doors to shatter, more powers to upgrade, more money to steal, more & more! Burrito Bison is a terribly addictive launch/improvement game that has an atmosphere and a visual identity that make it very endearing.
Burrito Bison his peaceful life and is doing quietly his shopping when he realizes that he has lost his wallet during his previous trip! Without further ado, he’s back out in the country of the gummi bears and you’ll have to make him fly as far and as long as possible while collecting a maximum of money on his way
Another installment in the burrito bison games, this game brings you even more gummy bears to smash and jump higher! This time after he successfully escaped, the naughty gummy bears have stolen burrito bisons hard enough money in his wallet and he is back to Candyland for some revenge. There are some upgrades available to boost your jumping levels as you chase down the gummy bears who have wronged you and as usual, you must avoid gummy police and slam into the ground. In this sequel game, there are more special gummy bears for you to smash, a wrestling ring where they try to make the bison wrestle for their entertainment and more doors for him to smash as he tries to escape. Use the ropes of the ring to launch yourself high into the air and use the gummies as launchpads as you smash through them and regain your freedom.

How to play Burrito Bison

Use the mouse to play.