Bush Shoot Out Game

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Bush Shoot Out HTML5

Bush Shoot Out

Bush Shoot Out

Bush Shoot Out is a shooting game of President Bush.
This game has 3 levels of play, the first 2 levels (for example the Oval Office and the Cross Hall) you can play normally but for the third level you should exploit it on the miniclip website ( You just have to click on the level and that will be you directly on the site).
You are President Bush, a leading authority in the USA but there is always a terrorist force lurking to destroy you. You are sitting in the white house when a terrorist group attacks the building, into the room where the president is working and you have to destroy each group of troops, breaking the siege to get out before the team. Your troops arrive in time.
You are equipped with an M16 gun and you must destroy a certain number of enemies in each level. Your bar of life is expressed as a heart so if the gauge is 0 you will lose your life. For each room you have to fight a certain number of terrorists, the first is to sit in the office now you will have a good hiding position and enemies are harder to shoot at you, taking advantage of the terrain, you will destroy all these troops and then break the siege out. The scene is very chaotic, the furniture is cluttered with terrorists everywhere and your people in it.
There are many rooms that correspond to levels, each with different difficulty levels, the less the level after your hiding place, the more the number of terrorists becomes bigger and the harder you become. more, your life is more dangerous. But make sure to get used to this game you will easily win and protect the white house.

How to play Bush Shoot Out

Bush Shoot Out is using your mouse to aim and shoot. Blue crosshairs mean you can shoot, red means you get hit or hide behind an obstacle. Move your cursor below the obstacle to prevent you from being hit. When you run out of bullets, press R to reload.