Candy Pool Game

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Candy Pool HTML5

Candy Pool

Candy Pool

Candy Pool is a sugary variation of traditional billiards. Instead of sinking balls into pockets, your goal is to make round candies collide. In order to disappear, the pieces must match! This game takes some of the same elements used in the pool and adds candy circles to the pool table. Use your knowledge of physics to shoot the colorful candies into one another and remove them from the board. In this pool game, you do not pot the balls but use the cushions to hit matching balls and remove them from the table. In this pool game, you do not pot the balls but use the cushions to strike matching balls and remove them from the table. Can you master this challenging puzzle game? connect the same color coins with the help of white strikers. Use your caroms game skill for aiming the striker to hit the coins to join. Collect stars to get more strikers. Keep an eye on left shots. Complete the level before your shots complete.
Aim and shoot the white candy disk to touch each of the other colored candy pieces. Click and hold your mouse to aim, and release to fire. Try to clear all the candy with as few shots as possible.
For young players, adult billiards are not very clear and therefore not interesting. This gap was created by the creators of the games to fix and released the game Candy Pool on virtual fields. It fully meets the requirement of young fans of board games, where you need dexterity and an element of strategy. The rules of children’s billiards are different and above all because on the table you will not find traditional balls with numbers. Instead of them, colorful round candies will appear. To pass the next level, you need to push the same candy colors and they will disappear. Make sure that there is not a single sweetness left on the salt, except for the white ball.

How to play Candy Pool

- Use broaching to control the game
– Click or tap to aim and shoot the ball