Cannon Basketball 2 Game

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Cannon Basketball 2 HTML5

Cannon Basketball 2

Cannon Basketball 2

Cannon Basketball 2 is a sequel to the exciting and challenging physics-based basketball shooting game from before. In this basketball game, your task is once again to put the ball into the basket, using shot and bounce techniques. Your gal should get the right angle by placing it correctly, and then launching the ball into the cannon. In the process of putting the ball into the cannon, you will have to knock down a few barriers to protect the cannon. Aim with your awesome cannon using the mouse to shoot the ball in the right direction. Collect up to 3 stars at every level, each giving you 150 points. A total of 30 challenging levels, this will guarantee you loads of fun.
The game is a combination of classic cannon gameplay with competitive puzzles to bring you challenges you’ve never faced so far. You will have to find an unlock mechanism to clear the way into the basket before you can put the ball in there. Each level comes with a different and much harder bar set and additional challenges like a windmill-like bar. You are provided with many balls to easily pass the game. Using clicks, you can set your goals and directions to send the ball straight into the air. On some stages, you will have to use teleport to access the basket. The game becomes more addictive as you climb stairs and open new puzzles and approach new baskets.

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How to play Cannon Basketball 2

Move the mouse to aim. Click to shoot. Flip the switches and levers to get the ball into the basket. Collect all the stars to master each level.
Tips and Tricks
– Follow the instruction given on the screen
– Mute on/off option is available
– You can restart the game