Cannon Basketball 4 Game

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Cannon Basketball 4 HTML5

Cannon Basketball 4

Cannon Basketball 4

Cannon Basketball 4 is an extremely interesting and fun basketball game. Here, players will have the opportunity to experience basketball in a whole new way when using the cannon to shoot the ball into the basket. At each level, you have to launch a basketball from a cannon into a ring. At first, the game is easy to win, but the later the difficulty of the game will gradually increase because more obstacles will appear, your basket will be blocked by a series of other obstacles. like wooden drums and walls – you must keep shooting the balls to overcome all obstacles to reach the round. Try to get three stars on each level.
This is a game combining sports and puzzle games, there will be many different levels in which you need to create your own tactics to quickly put the ball in the basket as quickly as possible. Operate leverage, activate mechanisms, and find solutions for each level by using your logical thinking, goals, and consciousness.
With a combination of beautiful graphics and funny sounds, players will be extremely interested and attracted in many hours of play. Relax with attractive entertainment games to ease the pressures, clutter, and difficulties in life. This will be the perfect choice for anyone, regardless of age. Come to the game to have their own discoveries in this fun puzzle game.

How to play Cannon Basketball 4

You will use your mouse to aim as well as shoot balls to put them into the basket. Remember the number of balls is not limited. Therefore, you do not need to worry when participating in this game.