Cannon Basketball Game

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Cannon Basketball HTML5

Cannon Basketball

Cannon Basketball

Cannon Basketball is a fun and exciting basketball game for all ages. Your task in this game you have to shoot basketball with cannonballs while trying to put a ball into the basket. The game combines classic cannon gameplay with competitive puzzles to bring you challenges you’ve never faced so far. You will have to find an unlock mechanism to clear the way into the basket before you can put the ball in there. On some stages, you will have to use teleport to access the basket. The game becomes more addictive as you climb stairs and open new puzzles and approach new baskets.
Get ready to start playing this game to show off your ingenious skills and professional level. Control the basketball cannon and start launching balls directly into the hoops to pass the level. This will be a whole new experience for basketball game lovers. This game has many levels of play and it will be more challenging as you continue to play so you need to calculate to be able to shoot the ball to reach the basket accurately. Coming to the game you will never get bored with this. This game will make your idle time more interesting.
You will collect more points on your basketball scoreboard as you continue to perform well. The points will allow you to unlock exciting and surprising new features. With beautiful sound effects and graphics, it is sure to delight players. In addition to gameplay, this will be what makes your gaming sessions more interesting.

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How to play Cannon Basketball

Use your mouse to shoot balls.