Car Eats Car 3 Game

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Car Eats Car 3 HTML5

Car Eats Car 3

Car Eats Car 3

Car Eats Car 3 is a game to search for stolen cars. You and your girlfriend are sitting next to the red and pink cars, suddenly a monster force comes to steal your girlfriend’s pink car. So you will chase that guy to find the car again. You need to drive the red car through complex race tracks, avoiding obstacles and monster cars to find the lost pink car.

Your vehicle has the ability to move around bends, shoot bullets and drop mines to destroy monster vehicles. After each level you can use the things you gain to buy upgrades for the car, add speed, ammo, weapons, nitro and turbocharger. Create unique cars from parts obtained in racing levels, fire bombs, freeze your enemies and paralyze all competitors with an electromagnetic pulse. These upgrades give your vehicle more power, kill monsters and collect better objects.

There are many levels in this game, unlocking levels by completing the previous level. Each level, the level of danger will be higher.

Along the way you will encounter many obstacles and the same monster carriages can approach and harm you, or the falling meteorites will take your life. Complete all levels and conquer Car Eats Car 4 game. Get the highest score to be named in the player list achievement rankings.

The health level of the vehicle will be displayed by the red line, this red line will decrease when you are destroyed by other vehicles, you can reload this bar by collecting objects on the road.

Games with beautiful interface, funny sound and fast will bring you interesting experiences.

How to play Car Eats Car 3

Car Eats Car 3 is very simple to play and is controlled via the following keys:

Up arrow key to accelerate

Left and right arrow keys to balance

Spacebar to use nitro

X to destroy your enemies