Car Eats Car 4 Game

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Car Eats Car 4 HTML5

Car Eats Car 4

Car Eats Car 4

Car Eats Car 4 is the fourth installment in the monster truck racing series. The game currently has many versions but it still follows a core content that is driving the red car to go through complex and dangerous racing tracks, destroying other monster trucks before they have. chance to harm you so you can safely reach the finish line.

Along the way you will encounter many obstacles and monster carriages and objects that you can collect to help you. Collect gems to help you gain points and buy upgrades for your vehicle. You are at the end of each level. The more you upgrade your vehicle, the more you will conquer the level of a cacsh easier.

Destroy monster vehicles by collecting weapons on the road and shooting bullets at them, you should stay away from the monster cars because it will hit you, grabbing you makes your vehicle weakened. The health level of the vehicle will be displayed in a red line, will end when you are destroyed by other vehicles, you can reload this bar by collecting objects along the way, one of the collected things on. will help improve the health of the car.

Car Eats Car 5 game has many levels for you to conquer, each level is different challenge. In each level, your car can fly up and move easily, shoot bullets at monsters. Complete all levels and conquer this game. Get the highest score to be named in the player list achievement rankings.

Games with beautiful interface along with interesting music will bring you new experiences, and lots of fun.

How to play  Car Eats Car 4

Car Eats Car 4 uses up arrow key to accelerate, left and right arrow keys to balance, spacebar to use nitro. Use X to destroy your enemies. You can collect boxes and win prizes by spinning a wheel after each level.