Car Eats Car 5 Game

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Car Eats Car 5 HTML5

Car Eats Car 5

Car Eats Car 5

Car Eats Car 5 is the fifth installment in the challenging racing game with monster carriages. The game is being loved and downloaded by many people, it has many versions.
You will drive the red car through complicated and dangerous racing tracks, destroying other monster trucks before they have a chance to harm you. At the same time you need to collect gems along the way. These gems help you earn points and buy upgrades for your vehicle at the end of each level, the more you upgrade for your vehicle, the greater your chances of survival. New levels can be unlocked using stars from the complete level.
The status of your device is shown in a red line, which will run out when you are destroyed by other vehicles and hit an obstacle. One of the things collected along the way will help improve the vehicle’s blood volume.
There are many levels for you to conquer, each level is each challenging and different scenes, extremely attractive and eye-catching. At each level, your vehicle can spin in the air and move smoothly through drains, soar to collect gems and destroy enemy vehicles. You can also improve your survivability and weapons to release more damage on other monster trucks.
The game with beautiful interface and many interesting music will bring you new experiences.
Complete all levels and collect lots of gems in it to
Conquer this game.

How to play Car Eats Car 5

Car Eats Car 5 is controlled by:
AD or left / right arrow to tilt
Up arrow key or W to accelerate
Arrow S or DOWN to brake
Space bar to drop a bomb
X to use turbo
This is one of the exciting racing games, will help you have experiences and moments of relaxation after a hard day of studying and working or also help you kill time very well.