Car Eats Car 6 Game

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Car Eats Car 6 HTML5

Car Eats Car 6

Car Eats Car 6

Car Eats Car 6 is the second installment in the Car Eats Car game series. In this section, you can once again navigate the red car through complicated and dangerous race tracks.
Use your vehicle to race and destroy other monster trucks trying to harm you. In addition to driving the car to cross the road full of dangerous racing tracks you need to collect gems on your way and try to get as high a score as possible. These gems help you gain points and buy upgrades for your vehicle at the end of each level, the more upgrades you have for your vehicle, the more chances you survive and your weapons become more effective. . New models can be unlocked using stars from the complete level.
The condition of your device is shown by the red blood line, which will run out when you are hit hard by obstacles and destroyed by other vehicles. However, you can collect things along the way, one of them will help improve the vehicle’s health.
Your vehicle can spin through the air and move smoothly through sewers, fly up to collect gems and destroy enemy vehicles.
In each level, you will improve your survivability and weapons so you can release more damage on other monster trucks. There are many levels for you to conquer, each level is each challenging challenge and different scenes, are extremely attractive and eye-catching.

How to play Car Eats Car 6

Car Eats Car 6 has been loved by many people of all ages, it is controlled by
Up arrow key or W to accelerate
AD or left / right arrow to tilt
S or DOWN ARROW to brake
X to use turbo
Space bar to drop a bomb
Through this game, you will have fun relaxing moments, helping you experience the exciting and competitive racing. Wish you will conquer all the levels in this game.