Car Eats Car Game

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Car Eats Car HTML5

Car Eats Car

Car Eats Car

Car Eats Car is one of the very interesting racing games. Your task in this game is to drive the red car through complicated racing tracks, avoid obstacles and collect red stones to reach the finish line safely.

Along the way, you will encounter many obstacles, monster cars and collect gems and items that are beneficial to you. The monster carriages move closer and destroy your vehicle, causing the bloodline of the vehicle to be exhausted until death.

You control your red car through undulating roads full of deadly dangers. Your car can fly up and pick up the gems from above. The vehicle collects items that may be weapons, it can be strength or increase your health, for example, when obtaining an item that is a dark cloud, it will fly above and when a monster truck comes out now it will shoot that car. You use the collected gems to buy upgrades for the car, add speed, bullets, weapons, nitro and turbochargers, create unique cars from the parts obtained at the levels. Race, fire bombs, freeze your enemies.

This game has many levels, each level is each different challenging difficulty, you need to complete the level to unlock the next level.

This game can be played online or offline, playing online will help you save high scores on the list of player achievement rankings.

The game has a beautiful interface, funny sounds combined with fast paced will bring you interesting experiences, helping you kill time quickly.

Car Eats Car 2 game is suitable for all players and completely free for any device, free when you download and play the game.

How to play Car Eats Car

Car Eats Car uses the UP ARROW KEY to accelerate, when you are going through high ramps or bends you will use the left and right arrow keys to balance, use nitro with the spacebar, use X to destroy the monster carriages.