Cartographer Game

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Cartographer HTML5


In Cartographer game, players compete to earn the most famous stars by the time the four seasons have passed. Each season, the player draws on his maps and earns fame by performing the queen’s decrees before the season ends.

When the winter season has ended and the player has been assessed for the fourth time, the game is over. Each player totals the stars they earn in all four seasons, scoring their last points on their map. The player who has the most reputable Cartographer is the winner.

In the event of a tie, the Cartographer player tied the least famous star to the monster terrain in all four seasons is the winner. If there is one more tie, all players tied share the victory.

How to play

1 player, Eng – Wastelands (B)

1 player, Eng – Wild side (A)

2 players, party Eng – Wastelands (B)