Cat Around the World Game

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Cat Around the World HTML5

Cat Around the World

Cat Around the World

Cat Around the World is a fun learning game for kids about a cat that’s traveling around the World. The game offers simple mechanics with point-n-click gameplay. The target of this game is to deliver food to the cat by solving puzzles. Each of the countries offers 5 levels and different kinds of meals, that your cat will enjoy eating. Interact with the game world using your mouse cursor. Move the camera by dragging your mouse into sides of your screen. Collect gold stars as you complete the levels. Beware of deadly objects, avoid getting in contact with them at all costs!
Cat Around The World is a very addicting, challenging puzzle game where your goal is to get the shrimp to the cat as quickly as you possibly can. Solve intricate puzzles in order to meet your goal but be careful of the many things that can go wrong. Laser grids can fry the shrimp and one wrong move can ensure that it will never reach the cat. Choose your moves carefully and make sure the cat has a good meal!
There’s a furry protest going on in this physics game for cat lovers. No more kibble – kitty won’t accept another single crumb of boring dry food. Feed your ferocious feline something delicious instead: the fave food of the country you’re visiting! Click to clear blue blocks, so the food rolls conveniently to kitty’s paws. Just don’t accidentally zap the tasty treat, or kitty won’t be pleased.
Always on the move! Being a true cosmopolitan and gourmet, in this cute physics puzzle, the cat travels to the alpine lakes region to taste the world’s best salami and admire the beautiful landscape. Interact with different objects and wait for the right moment to make sure the ginger furball gets its paws on the delicious meat.

How to play Cat Around the World

Use your mouse to break ice and trigger springs to help the hungry cat get his hamburgers.