Cat is in Japan Game

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Cat is in Japan HTML5

Cat is in Japan

Cat is in Japan

Welcome back our cool little traveling kitty as this time the Cat is in Japan. Cat in Japan is an amazing puzzle game. It’s a Japan themed sequel to Where is Cat Bart Bonte’s cat is back, this time it sets out on an adventure to Japan. The land of the rising sun is known for its delicious raw fish, sushi. Help the Cat in Japan to find all the sushi by solving puzzles! What is the famous thing in Japan that could possibly attract our wandering cat? There are tons of sushi in the great country and he wants to stuff them all in his tummy but he is going to need your help. The cat is in a house where he has to play by using your logic and thinking skills to solve the puzzles that stand in the way of him and his beloved sushi. Nobody truly understands what this rare fish treat does for the cat but you do and he is counting on you to help him out. There are hints all around the game that can help you locate the delicious fish and you have to interact with different objects in the game to uncover them. This top game is the sequel to the game Where is Cat and lovers of felines of any age with enjoying this game.
Cat in Japan is a fun point and click puzzler where you must help the cute black cat find 20 sushi in a Japanese house. It’s a new adventure for the Bonte cat!
The Bonte cat has arrived in Japan and can’t stop dreaming about sushi. Can you find all the sushi by solving the puzzles?

How to play Cat is in Japan

Use your mouse to explore the house and find the hidden sushi. There are puzzles in each room that you need to solve if you want to find them all!