Chaos Faction 3 Game

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Chaos Faction 3 HTML5

Chaos Faction 3

Chaos Faction 3

Chaos Faction 3 is the 3rd part of the flexible and fun fighting game. Your goal is to control a small character fighting other characters to the next level. Fight your way through 15 new campaign levels with weapons, characters, new moves and more explosions that you can create.
This is a fast-paced fighting game, many unique weapons. You can participate in playing in training mode, this mode will help you get familiar with the movement as well as fighting. Getting to know you will help you respond more flexibly, kill enemies faster and reduce the chance of losing your life.
After successfully completing your training, mastering the movement and fighting, you can participate in matches with many other players.
Defeat as many enemies as possible and then submit your score to the online scoreboard, this scoreboard is for those who achieve high scores, it also demonstrates your fighting ability.
You will be able to participate in battles in many different locations with different enemies, each enemy will have different gameplay, you need to find their weaknesses to defeat. There are deadly traps at each match, like when you or your opponent falls into the water or leaves a cliff, you can lose your life and at the same time appear items that you can collect. To strengthen the weapons for you.
At the bottom of the screen is a status bar that displays the lives of your and your enemies.
As you win each battle, you’ll unlock new characters and weapons to use.

How to play Chaos Faction 3

Chaos Faction 3 uses the following controls:
Left / right arrow to move left / right
Up arrow to jump
Down arrow will activate a short live shield
Z, X to perform different attacks – either punch and kick, or use different weapons
Space bar to pause the game.
You can change the controls to your liking in the settings menu.