Cheese Quest Game

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Cheese Quest HTML5

Cheese Quest

Cheese Quest

Hello there dear friends, we are so glad to see that you have thought of playing this new batch of games with us, because we have prepared for you quite a few new interesting adventures, such as this one, Cheese Quest. As always, our team only brings you nothing but the best games that you will ever play, and we are going to have such a great time together today if you decide to join us in this amazing and interesting adventure that we have just added to our site You kids, boys, and girls, as this is a beautiful game that can be played by both sides, are going to meet Cheese, a funny character from the Cartoon Network cartoons, and moreover, you are going to help Cheese to go through a really beautiful adventure.
Cheese Quest: A tabletop game of tactics and sabotage. Be crafty, strategic, and fast! You’ll split your time between progress and sabotage as you race to return two cheeses to the nest. Our lazy hero is walking down the path on his own. He is not aware of the dangerous obstacles in front of him. Steer him and save him from the cheese quests and other dangers and make sure that he collects all the bonus points.
You’ve finally found a place to call home! There’s a safe place for the nest and plenty of cheese lying around. There are just two problems: you aren’t the only mouse here and, worse yet, a bunch of cats is prowling about— but it’s dinner time and nothing’s going to stop you from stealing that cheese! Be crafty, strategic, and fast!
You’ll use 3 actions each turn to move, steal cheese, disarm traps, play cards or acquire new cards. Cards are used to move cats to corner your opponents, place traps, squeeze through walls and more.

How to play Cheese Quest

Use your arrow keys to move the mouse around. Collect all of the cheese, but remember that you can only step on each tile once. If you get stuck, use the restart button.