Christmas Cat Game

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Christmas Cat HTML5

Christmas Cat

Christmas Cat

Christmas Cat is a funny and funny game for anyone who joins the game from the first moment. Your task in this game is to go through the house from top to bottom and find 20 cat balls. Try to find them by interacting with objects around you and solving some puzzles. Put some things in their respective places and have fun with this puzzle game at Christmas.
The cat of the Bonte family was scattered on the trees. Just click to interact with objects and move around the house. Click an item in your inventory to highlight it when you want to try using it on something. This is not your normal sneaky cat … beetles are not only smashed under furniture. Some of them are hidden behind some pretty clever puzzles, although this is definitely a game that can be parents and kids. If you like Groovy cheering on your Christmas, there’s nothing you can do wrong with Bart Bonte’s signature style and creative charm. Try your best and keep yourself from being distracted or unnoticed by the beautiful images and great background music in the game. Hope you will quickly find the small balls in the shortest time.

How to play Christmas Cat

Coming to this game, players will use the mouse to explore the house and find all 20 red Christmas ball ornaments. Some of them are sitting in a clear view, some are hidden behind objects, and some are even harder to find. You will need to put on your thinking cap and solve a few puzzles if you want to find them all.