Circlo0 Game

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Circlo0 HTML5



CircloO is an arcade platformer game in which you control a circle that must collect other circles to expand the level and continues the game. The game uses a physics engine that you must manipulate as you cannot jump, build momentum up to successfully travel around the map.
To complete a level, you must collect all 7 circles that are spread out around the map, and expand the circle. There are 14 levels in total to complete plus an additional 6 hard mode levels to really test your skill. Have fun! The second episode is available here!
circloO is a physics platformer with circular levels that grow each time you collect a circle. Collect seven circles to complete each level. The balls spin around the center, and you have to match 3 balls of the same color to destroy them. Stab right through the heart of this circle matching game by squeezing your matches through to the very center of the black hole anchor!
Shoot colorful balls at the rotating grid. Your job is to create groups of similar balls to remove them from the screen. Create a group of 3 red, blue, yellow, green and orange bubbles. You can use bonus bombs to clear an entire area in one shot!
Try to get rid of all the balls by shooting three balls of the same color next to each other.

Features of Circlo0

- A challenging platformer game
– Realistic physics with momentum-based gameplay
– Round level that is constantly growing
– 14 levels with additional 6 hard mode levels

How to play Circlo0

Control the movement with AD or left/right arrow.
Press the arrow keys to move the rock. Reach the white circle to advance to the next part of the level. Gain momentum by rolling up and down along the walls and jump over the rocks that are in your way.