Civiballs Christmas Game

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Civiballs Christmas HTML5

Civiballs Christmas

Civiballs Christmas

Civiballs Christmas is a challenging physics puzzle for kids of all ages! The object of the puzzle is to cut the chains and get the colored balls into vases of the same color. Trial and error will lead to solutions!
Civiballs Christmas is an exciting game about challenging puzzles. In this game, you will use your weapon as scissors to cut the chains that are hanging blue and red balls, put these balls into boxes of the same color. You need to plan well, to put these balls in place. The following levels will be harder with many challenges such as snowmen, ski lifts, biscuits … do not let the gray ball fall into the box, then you will lose your life. Try to complete all levels in the fastest time. I wish you will have fun and exciting game moments.
Dropping all the colored balls into the boxes with the same color is your main objective in this physics puzzle game. The Christmas themed online game has attractive graphics and very addictive gameplay. Dropping Christmas ornaments into a box is not as simple as it once was. You’ll have to find the right path to bounce each of these into Santa’s box.

How to play Civiballs Christmas

Use your mouse to interact.
Use your sword to cut the chains and release the balls. Get the balls to the urn of the same color to complete the level. Your score decreases for every second that passes, and if a grey ball gets into one of the urns, you have failed the level!