Clickplay Time 3 Game

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Clickplay Time 3 HTML5

Clickplay Time 3

Clickplay Time 3

Clickplay Time 3 is the third title in this great puzzle game series. Welcome back to the Clickplay Time series. In this third part, you will continue to face fun but challenging quizzes. The game gives you 20 questions, with each question being more difficult than the last. If you’ve played through the previous games in the series, I believe you will like this one as well.
To solve a puzzle, you need to click on all the objects on the screen to check them and collect important information. You also have to read the “instructions text” of each level and think carefully in order to find the Play button. The Play button might be hidden on the screen somewhere, or you might have to “arrange” objects to create a Play button yourself. Sometimes, you’ll face questions that are related to the English vocabulary.
On the first question, the tutorial text reads “Tight Squeeze”. If I were you, I would check the boy’s tights on the screen. When you click on the tights, it will tighten itself. When it reaches its maximum tightness, the boy’s head will explode and the Play button will appear. Clickplay Time 3 has no time limit and this is what I like most about this game. Now, enter the game and solve all the hard puzzles. Play now!

How to Play Clickplay Time 3

Use the mouse to interact in this fun game.
Tips and Tricks:
Carefully read the text on the top of the screen to figure out a way to solve the puzzles.
Each question has no time limit so you can take as much time as you want to try to solve it.
Turn on the sound when playing this game.