ClickPlay Time Game

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ClickPlay Time HTML5

ClickPlay Time

ClickPlay Time

ClickPlay Time is a genuine brain twister in which your challenge is to use whatever clue available to solve the puzzles and find the play button and click on it to complete the level. ClickPlay Time is another installment of NinjaDoodle’s puzzle game that challenges you to think outside the box. The point, click and drag to find the play button that is hidden within each level. When the play button appears, click on it to complete the stage.
Try your best in Clickplay Time with a wide variety of puzzles that will test your knowledge. Not all quizzes are the same! Some include matching the same pieces, riddles, or click and drag. How far can you make it in record time and show off what you can do to the world? Only in this easy to play puzzle game will you find out.
Are you a big fan of the Clickplay games, too’ These games consist of all kinds of challenging mini games that tease your brain. Follow all directions and solve all the puzzles in this funny game. As soon as a play button appears, you click on it and you move on to the next level. Try to make a high score!

How to play ClickPlay Time

Use the mouse to play this search game.