Color Switch Game

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Color Switch HTML5

Color Switch

Color Switch

Color Switch is an addictive online puzzle game with a series of challenging challenges. With simple gameplay, similar to Flappy bird, but Color switch brings a new attraction. You will start the game with colorful circles and a ball that you need to proceed between these circles. Your task in this game is to help this little ball overcome this dangerous color world and return home. You need to be careful to control the ball and put it through each obstacle. You need to follow the color pattern on each obstacle to overcome it, for example, a pink ball is not allowed to touch a purple or yellow area. So be careful not to get over the wrong color or you’ll have to start over.
The game sounds very simple, but getting through it all and getting to the final destination is not easy. In each circle you will have to pass twice, once inside and once out. The arrangement of these circles will also change continuously as we go deeper into the Color Switch, for example, two circles rotate closely in a gear fashion, the circle is in a triangle, the circle is in the cell. square … Even through each “death door” the color of the dot will change completely, causing us more crazy head to match the color in front of us. You need to skillfully control in quick hand, eye to choose the right color to match the ball. Be brave and strong to overcome all the challenges that take place in this game.

How to play Color Switch

- Use the left mouse button to control the ball.
– Control the ball over the obstacle is colorful circles to score points.
– The ball must only touch obstacles of the same color, if different colors you will lose.