Color World Origins Game

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Color World Origins HTML5

Color World Origins

Color World Origins

Color World Origins is an interesting color game for anyone looking for a game to entertain. Coming to the game, your goal is to color all the boxes of the same color with the smileys inside it! To do that, you can use different cannons and balls to complete your mission. Shoot as few balls from your cannon as possible. Things are not as simple as their appearance, Teleporters, Gravity Wells and Trcar Carts make your work more difficult. You need to think and make calculations for yourself so that you can easily overcome all difficult challenges as quickly as possible.
The game will make you easily conquer right from the first levels, but the deeper you go, the difficulty of the game will gradually increase with which you need to devise reasonable tactics to win for yourself. With each different game level, players will enjoy many surprises that you can not predict. There will be all 40 different levels for you to conquer as well as challenge your ability. Besides, the visual, as well as the sound of the game, will make players more excited by its fun. Ignore all the chaos available to Color World Origins right now to be able to enjoy yourself for a fun and exciting color game.

How to play Color World Origins

Players will use the mouse to aim and shoot the ball as accurately as possible, besides you can also use the number keys to change colors as needed. This is a not too challenging game but will make you addictive for hours.