Color World Game

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Color World HTML5

Color World

Color World

Color World is a physics-based puzzle game from Anton Gnibeda. In this game, you will use your cannon to shoot green, red or yellow balls and fill boxes with matching colors. Click near the cannon to make a weak shot or click far to gain more power. Shoot as few balls from your cannon as possible. Note, the player needs to choose the best path the ball to the goal. Guaranteed to get more stars at that level. Unexpected combination and color overlay, make the game fun!
Coming to Color World, you will be tested on your reflexes and ability to solve puzzles and logic games. Click the shapes and color them with the right shades. There can be levels without cannon shells with the correct color. Use nature to color blocks, put them in colored water, splash them with paint or find another way to make smiles on squares. The game will have all 40 different levels for players to try. Each level will have increasing difficulty and you will enjoy a thoughtful puzzle game. So make reasonable calculations to be able to hit the ball into the boxes. Start playing now to make a character hit into the box of the same color image.

How to play Color World

- Press the number keys from 1-3 / F1-F3 to select the color you need to shoot at the target.
– Use mouse to aim and shoot. Set the distance of the mouse with the cannon to control the force of each shot. Drag the mouse close to the cannon to throw slowly and if you want to increase the power of the shot, take the mouse away.