Coloruid 2 Game

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Coloruid 2 HTML5

Coloruid 2

Coloruid 2

Coloruid 2 is back and takes you to a world with more mindful color puzzles. Just like in the previous game, your goal is to turn the entire object into one color by using as few moves as possible. If you make a mistake, you have to start over so choose wisely. However, Coloruid 2 will have more challenging levels to complete than the previous one as well as the difficulty is greatly increased.
This is a fun and simple game, but it can become quite difficult for you as you progress to the levels. A good trick to play this game is that every click has to combine all fields of one color. If that doesn’t work for you, check out the guide to get the advantage.There are five colors, and for most levels, you only have 5 clicks, so follow the advice above. This is true for all levels with the same number of colors as clicks.
Coloruid 2 is a game that requires brain logic when you need to calculate to make the right steps. The difficulty of the game will gradually increase through each level. So players need to think as well as calculate and correct strategies in choosing colors and making clicks. Joining the game will be a great way to relax after stress from work or the stresses of life.

How to play Coloruid 2

With Coloruid 2 you will use the mouse to perform operations. All you have to do is: Click to select a color, then click the stage to draw it. Fill each level with a unique color with a limited amount of moves.