Coloruid Game

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Coloruid HTML5



Coloruid is a great puzzle game in which you need to change the color of the cubes to turn the entire board into one color. In this relaxing and bright puzzle game, your goal is to draw the entire screen into a single color at the end of each level. First, choose a color to change the color of the shapes to turn the entire palette into one color. You only have a limited number of moves per level, so each move is valid. So all calculations need to be weighed. The position of the color change affects the movement of nearby cubes, so you need to carefully place it.
Coloruid is a fascinating puzzle game combined with a beautiful design that will appeal to players from the very beginning. As each level progresses, the game gets harder and harder, so use your logic to draw colored blocks. Without a doubt, this game is the best way to spend some free time. Just play this great online puzzle game and connect the correct colors and that’s all! Use all your inherent skills and try to do everything right. So, come to the game to challenge yourself to overcome all difficulties of the game.

How to play Coloruid

Players will use the mouse to select the color that they want to paint to fill the screen with a single color. Choose a color at the bottom of the screen and then select an area to fill with that color. You have a limited number of moves to complete each level so be careful.