Combat 5 Game

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Combat 5 HTML5

Combat 5

Combat 5

Combat 5 is a first-person shooter game. You will participate in a multi-player match, select the team that you will play with as a blue or red team. The seller will fight to become the winning team.
You can choose the terrain to fight, there are many terrains for you to choose. Play as a guest or sign up to play. After you choose the team to join the fight with, you will start a dramatic game. Practice with a variety of weapons such as knives, guns. You will initially fight with a knife, then use the money you earn to upgrade or weapons that you can find scattered across the field, such as machine guns, snipers or shotguns and Throw grenades to deal massive damage. There are many types of guns that you can upgrade, each gun has different combat characteristics, the guns are purchased with the larger amount, the greater the damage.
Destroy all enemies to become the winner in this game and join the competition with many other players.
If you don’t like joining teams you can play for free for everyone and shoot crap out of your opponents, your main goal is to destroy enemies to become the leader of the match. .
The game is a combination of simple interface and authentic action sound, will bring excitement to the player.

How to play Combat 5

Combat 5 is an extremely attractive shooting game, you use a lot of characters to play this game well.
WASD key or arrow to move
Left click to fire
R to reload
F to pick up weapons
B to open the purchase menu
Switch to run
Space bar to jump
Number keys to switch weapons
Tab to enter the menu
You need to master these characters and combine them to become a professional assassin