Combat Reloaded Game

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Combat Reloaded HTML5

Combat Reloaded

Combat Reloaded

Combat Reloaded is a survival shooting game, played with a first-person perspective developed by NadGames. Choose from one of the 28 maps, choose a weapon and join the game with many players. One of the most popular maps is that there is a small camp surrounded by big mountains – accessible mountains and players can climb them to gain sniping points. You will cleverly move through rooms, buildings, and use guns to shoot enemies in front, use knives to fight when they are near you, or change the weapons accordingly as long as possible. fighting ability for you.
The game is very intense and the character moves quickly, so players must be very alert, take advantage of the cover and move through buildings to minimize the chance of being shot. Move around to find enemies and things that are useful to you, such as a gun, power box, …, if you see a gun, take it to use, shoot all bullets in it. You will use a knife.
Every time you kill an enemy you have scored in a multiplayer game, then you will earn dollars. These dollars can be used in-game to buy improved equipment including a range of assault rifles, shotguns and of course some long-range snipers.
Fight to train your skills and destroy all enemies in every map terrain, to become the winner of the game.
The game is completely free, you just need to download and participate in the battle, you can register to play this game or not it is up to you. Signing up to play will help you save your results and share them with others.

How to play Combat Reloaded

Combat Reloaded is played very simply, using the following keys and characters:
Use mouse to aim and shoot
WASD to move around the arena
Space bar to jump
Switch to sprint
Number keys 1-9 to change weapons