Combat Strike 2 Game

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Combat Strike 2 HTML5

Combat Strike 2

Combat Strike 2

Combat Strike 2 is an extremely interesting shooting game. Players will engage in battles with a lot of enemies to protect peace for your land.
There are many maps like Inferno, Dust, Aztec … each map has different advantages and dangers. You can hone your shooting skills and face players from around the world in the map terrain. It is possible to move through buildings, in the basement … wherever you can and combine with weapons such as knives, guns, binoculars, grenades to protect you.
Choose a room and a team and start fighting your enemies to win the match. In the process of moving and finding enemies, you will receive many weapons and items, all of which are useful to you, assisting you to kill enemies faster.
Because the weapons are found during the move, you don’t need to buy any weapons because you can find them all in the arena for free. Whether you like machine guns or knives, you will find your favorite weapon.
You need to have tactics and use the weapons you have reasonable to destroy all enemies. On the screen will appear a miniature map, through this map you will know where the enemy is gathered and you will quickly find them as well as protect you.
Each match will have a certain time, you need to complete the match before time runs out, that is to destroy all enemies. The number of killed on both sides is shown by the number in the middle of the top of the screen. At the end of the match, the team with the most kills will win

How to play  Combat Strike 2

Combat Strike 2 is controlled via the following character keys: WASD: move, Mouse: aim / shoot, 1-2: select gun, Shift: sprint, C: crouch, F: grab gun, T: conversation